SHT Canteen - Metro coffee 16oz

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what's cool about SHT Canteens?!

you know what sucks about most canteens? they don't insulate well and they don't look cool! with SHT canteens?! both problems solved!

  • imagine having an amazing canteen that works really well, looks cool, AND delivers your favorite drink, hot or cold, reliably any time you want it!

  • imagine walking into a group of people with a canteen that looks different from everyone else!


what about Metro 16oz specifically?

if you're a coffee, tea, or alcohol drinker, this is PERFECT.

  • the multi-position open/close lid makes it so easy to take a sip and then close again.

  • cup holder friendly! perfect for road trips (no alcohol!).

  • silicone base means when you set it down it's quiet ;)

  • it's triple insulated! it keeps liquids cold for 24 hours and hot for up to 6 hours.

  • SHT branded with LASER ENGRAVING so it will never come off!


join the cool kids and sport one of these. you'll be helping yourself and empowering others at the same time!