Mastering Real Food for a Lifetime guide and manual

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138 pages of the latest and greatest SHT real food information.

this guide is PERFECT for following along the Mastering Real Food for a Lifetime progression, OR you can use it as your own self-study tool. this guide includes:

  • an initial "agreement with myself" and an initial evaluation and assessment of objective and subjective markers so that you can measure progress.

  • 2 week "reflection" to measure progress as you move through each 2-week phase.

  • our SHT community values.

  • general guidelines for optimal health.


includes all of our real food concepts in chronological progression-based order:

  • the basics of real food including human evolution, keys to our digestive, the work of Weston A. Price, example meal ideas, and how to read labels and choose SHT Approved options.

  • maximizing metabolic flexibility and fat burning including being a real foodie, and our "keys to metabolic flexibility."

  • low-carb and keto concepts including insulin resistance and how to do low-carb safely and effectively.

  • hydration guidelines including signs of dehydration, consumption guidelines, and mineralized hydration.

  • self-testing protocols so that you can determine which real foods are best for you.

  • elimination diets and personal experimentation.

  • "Strategic Fasting" protocols including types of fasts, durations, and tips & hints.

  • and so much more.