Eggs & Bacon | SHT Meals

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THESE are the healthiest ready-to-go meals ever. Period.

Being healthy is very important to you. But life can be busy. There is family. There is work. Most of us don’t have the time to cook our own meals every day. But no matter what, you still want to eat healthy. 

    We have the perfect solution.

    We created these meals for convenience.

    For instance for road trips and air travel, during hiking, camping, backpacking, when you are busy at home or at work, or even for emergency preparedness and survival.

    There are many situations and lifestyles where we don't have the time or desire to cook! Perfect for:
    • Home 
    • Work
    • Snacks
    • Road trips
    • Air travel
    • Hiking
    • Camping
    • Backpacking
    • Survival
    • Emergency preparedness

    Portable, shelf-stable, and packed with nutrients.

    The meals are delicious and packed with nutrients.

    • Made with 100% real food and SHT Approved ingredients.
    • Freeze drying preserves food with 97% of nutrients intact.

    And the best part - the meals are ready to go:

    • Eat it dry right out of the bag - or simply add hot water and a tbsp of butter.
    • Season it up any way you like.

    With a 36 month shelf life, they can be stored anywhere for anytime.

    Eggs and Bacon Ingredients:

    • Pasture-raised eggs
    • Pasture-raised bacon
    • Cooked in butter
    • Unrefined salt (Redmond's Real Salt)
    • Organic black pepper
    • 1 scoop of multi-collagen